Keith Lee, Calgary Alberta Forum Name: riffraff Founding Member VWs owned: 1959 Mango Standard 1961 15 Window 1956 Beetle

Chris Murray, Regina Saskatchewan
Forum Name:  commercialair
Founding Member
Vws owned:
	1956 Kombi
	1968 Double Cab
	1958 Single Cab

Shayna Jaymie, Regina Saskatchewan
Forum Name: Shayna Jaymie
Founding Member
Not a transporter owner (yet!) but guilty by association!!
Vws owned:
	1960 Beetle
	1955 Beetle

George Thorburn, Regina Saskatchewan
Charter Member
VWs owned:
	1985 Westfalia
	1981 Scirrocco
	1989 Jetta
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Paul Viveiros, Calgary Alberta
Forum Name: coronabus
Charter Member
Vws owned:
	1962 Standard Micro Bus
	1991 Passat
	1985 Jetta

Colin Foote, Lloydninster, Alberta
Charter Member
VWs owned:
	1962 23 Window Walkthrough - pictures to come 

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Ken King, Calgary Alberta
Forum Name: ken
Charter Member
VWs owned:
	1961 Single Cab
	1956 Kombi
	1957 23 Window (Euro)
	1958 23 Window
	1960 23 Window
	1953 Single Cab

Curtis Dell, Calgary Alberta
Charter Member
VWs owned:
	1965 Deluxe
	1984 GTI	

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Brett Patterson, Calgary Alberta
Forum Name:  bretto
Charter Member
VWs owned:
	1966 Standard Micro
	1968 Squareback
	1957 Beetle (Canadian Standard)
	1972 Beetle
	1991 Jetta

Scotty Logue, Calgary Alberta
Charter Member
Future Bus Owner!
VWs owned:
	1981 Rabbit
	1987 Jetta	

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Trevor Pippin, Martensville Saskatchewan
Forum Name: rareair
VWs owned:
	53 Barndoor Single Cab
	1959 Salesflap Bus (Verkaufswagen)
	1956 Street/Strip Beetle
	1969 Cal-Look Beetle
	1983 Scirocco Iceracer
	1983 GTI

Shan Simpson, Strathmore Alberta
Forum Name: vwking
VWs owned:
	1961 Beetle
	1968 Beetle - suicide doors
	3 1972 Super Beetles
	1960 Single Cab
	1962 Panel Van
	1985 Jetta
	1990 Jetta GTX
	1991 Jetta Turbo Diesel
	1992 Jetta	
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Ray Smith, Calgary Alberta
VWs owned:
	1966 Riviera Type II

Shane Kroetsch, Airdrie Alberta
Forum Name: karmann57
VWs owned:
	1968 Kombi
	1957 Karman Ghia
	2004 Jetta GLS TDI

Tim Hof, Crossfield Alberta
Forum Name:  canbug
VWs owned:
	1978 High Top Bus
	1956 Ghia
	1956 Ghia (his better half's car)
	1969 Fastback

Pete Van Grieken, Calgary Alberta
Forum Name:  type123
VWs owned:
	1965 Westy
	1963 Notchback
	1957 Beetle
	1973 Fastback

Dave Ritchie, Lake Forest California

Bernie McDonald, Edmonton Alberta
VWs owned:
	1962 15 Window

John Gollub, Winnipeg Manitoba
Forum Name:   nichteinboobie
VWs owned:	
	54 Midget Bus
54 Singlecab (aka Kurt)
59 23 Window Deluxe
59 Swivel Seat Kombi
75 Passenger Bus (only 7 passengers at a time)
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Greg Mielke, Edmonton Alberta
Forum Name:	Milkman
VWs owned:
	1960 Kombi
	1966 Canadian Standard Beetle

Dave Johansen, Taber Alberta
Forum Name:	davejohansen
Dave's Project
VWs owned:
	1964 Bus

Rick Bates, Medicine Hat Alberta
VWs Owned:
	1958 Panel
	1956 Single Cab
	1960 Single Cab
	1967 Single Cab
	1963 21 Window Deluxe
	1973 Window Bus

Joe Viveiros, Calgary Alberta
Forum Name:	BUSNIT
VWs Owned:
	1966 Bus

Hank Winning, Bella Coma, BC
VWs Owned:
	1957 Beetle
	1959 Type 261
	1986 syncro da Dr.Mayo 
	10 more VWs

Chris Atwater, Grand Rapids Michigan
VWs Owned:
	1970 Double Cab

Todd Walcott, Lethbridge Alberta
VWs Owned:
	1972 Hightop Bus
	1977 Rabbit
	1978 Rabbit
	1995 Passat

Ken Rider, Staffordshire England
VWs Owned:
	Inch Pincher race car
	Westy campers
	Split haulier
	Split cherry picker
	Split and bay pick-ups
	Oval bug
	KG cabrio bug
Synchro pick up 11 seater bus T4 panel van Passat

Dennis Caul, Calgary Alberta
Forum name:	dcaul
VWs owned: 1973 Bus

Mike Heise , Calgary Alberta 
Forum name: 	coralred
VWs owned:
	2001 Golf TDI
	1982 Vanagon
1977 Westfalia 1956 Sunroof Bug

Darren Blakney, Uppercoverdale New Brunswick
Forum name:	
VWs owned: 1955 Standard Microbus

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