Who we Are

NUTS is a loosely allied band of like minded individuals who share a common interest in the stewardship and preservation of Type II Volkswagen Transporters.

Mission Statement

NUTS is a non profit organization dedicated to the stewardship, preservation, and promotion of the joys of Type II Volkswagen Transporter ownership. We endeavour to to be a virtual "garage" where like minded individuals can share ideas, interests, advice, as well as vehicles parts and accessories pertaining to the Transporter.

Rules of Engagement

The forums are open for use to the general public regardless of whether they belong to NUTS or not. We expect all forum users to treat others on the forums with the respect and decorum civilized people expect of one another. We also expect that forum users will have reasonably thick skins and not be too easily offended.

And although they don't deserve it, even watercooled owners should be treated with a minimum of respect!


Be it resolved that the Volkswagen Transporter, in all its permutations and variances, is the coolest vehicle to ever be mass produced by the Human Race. All NUTS members either heartily endorse or (at a minimum) grudgingly agree with this statement.

As such, we have built a virtual garage where like minded afflictees can gather to exchange wisdom, ideas, parts and brotherhood.


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